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Hanoi Rocks

Glam Punk (or glitter punk) is a music genre that mixes elements of glam rock with protopunk or punk rock (and sometimes garage rock). The most influential glam punk band has been the New York Dolls, whose androgynous image and raw, loose brand of rock n’ roll provided a blueprint for the genre. Other notable glam punk bands include Jayne CountyIggy PopPlaceboSquad Five-OEric Emerson and the Magic Tramps, Dorian Zero, The Dogs D’AmourManic Street PreachersToilet BoysHanoi Rocks, and D Generation.

Iggy and the Stooges

Following the 1970s punk explosion in London, the New York Dolls were sometimes labelled glam-punk in comparison. Detroit proto-punk band The Stooges are also considered by some as glam punk; likely due to the androgynous image of singer Iggy Pop and the fact that glam rock pioneer David Bowie produced some of Iggy’s solo material. Alice Cooper, one of the first glam rock artists, influenced bands such as Hanoi Rocks and the Sex Pistols. Most of the original American New Wave bands, especially those in New York City, showed at least a certain amount of glam influence. Some of the more obscure glam punk bands from this period — such as Hollywood Brats, and Jet — can be heard on the compilation CD Glitterbest: 20 Pre Punk ‘n’ Glam Terrace Stompers.

New York Dolls

The 1980s saw a re-emergence of the glam punk style with the Finnish band Hanoi Rocks. While playing in London, the group influenced several other bands who played in a similar style, such as Dogs D’Amour.

Backyard Babies

Bands such as New York City‘s D Generation became popular in the underground scene and received critical acclaim from Rolling Stone magazine. However, the critical acclaim did not result in high album sales. Around the same time, Welsh band Manic Street Preachers played a similar musical style as well as bassist Nicky Wire‘s cross dressing and and rhythm guitarist Richey Edwards‘ makeup. Their 1992 debut Generation Terrorists drew influences from The Clash and Hanoi Rocks, and, much like the work of D Generation, it received critical acclaim, but poor sales. Backyard Babies, from Sweden, were a prominent example of glam punk during the 1990s, with their album Total 13. Guitarist Dregen once described the Backyard Babies in an interview as “The missing link between KISS and the Ramones.”