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There are two types of celebreties: Celebrties, that are just known. End of story. They did nothing and will be forgotten with their cult.

The cultural ones: Some great artists are only known to those with taste, some are known to all. THEY dont give a shit, they are artists, their craft is more important than fame, their WORK more important than celebrations and awards.

Some are both known AND good but the question you need to ask yourself is: How true am i to my art? Do i want to “speak” like Shakespeare or do i want to sell a lot of soap?

Charlie Chaplin died in the 70´s (or so they say) but he inspires me beyond what any contemporary…..anything could.

He could NOT shut up. He was an actor, a producer, a director….but more than those ,a man.

THAT is exactly what made him great.

Unless for a few circumstances you might not have known of him, but he would still have been Chaplin.

THAT`S an artist!