Clara Bow donning bonnet, heels and overalls in The Runaway, 1926. Stamped on reverse: Permission is hereby granted for use of this photograph in Magazines and Newspapers. Credit to PARAMOUNT PICTURES will be appreciated. Photograph by Eugene Robert Richee.

Clara Bow reacts to male mask, French postcard postmarked 1931.Clara Bow clipping, Screenland 1933. CLARA BOW Her face was once the face on the cutting-room floor. The first time she was told to cry before the camera, her tears made a wreck of her appearance, for she knew nothing about make-up. But Clara has learned much since that time. She has just returned from her first European trip. Fox Films has her next starring picture in preparation.

Clara Bow wearing grass skirt, vintage postcard. Hula, 1927.

Clara Bow wearing wacky jump suit, vintage postcard. Dangerous Curves, 1929.

Clara Bow in Down to the Sea in Ships, 1922. 1970’s reproduction photograph.

Clara Bow in bathing suit, circa 1928. Typed on reverse: Clara Bow in Paramount’´s“Red Hair” with Lane Chandler.

Clara Bow photographed by Hal Phyfe, 1932. Rubber-stamped on reverse: CLARA BOW FOX FILMS Exclusive portrait for FOX FILM CORPORATION Please credit HAL PHYFE DEC 7 1932

Clara Bow getting Charles “Buddy” Rogers in Get Your Man, 1927